Little Things

I’m a woman, and like little things. Thoughtfulness and generosity touch my heart. The following outlines a few things I indubitably enjoy; but I appreciate a a whole-hearted surprise too!

Sweet Tooth:
See’s candies, and as well semi-sweet chocolate

Wrapping Paper:
Tasteful lingerie of black, purple, blue, and red colors. I’m partial to elegant upholstery with a kick.

Shoes (size 8):
As a European, I was born in high heels. Beautiful, elegant, thin-heeled shoes, sandals or stilettos are a delight to receive, and to showcase.

Dresses (size 2-4):
Jeans are fun and comfy, but wearing a dress does charge me up. Business casual with lace (a new chic), tight and figure accentuating cocktail dresses, I adore those and you’ll love them too!

Just a bit of essence is needed to highlight a natural sweet woman’s scent. Fresh, breezy, and delicate fragrances make a stunning statement and are a joy to insufflate off my skin.

(I’m not brand-concentric, and believe in a sense of style and taste. I’m sure you have a good one!)

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