You love beautiful women, and who doesn’t?

Openly seductive Pamela Anderson, discretely alluring Sharon Stone or the energetically daring Anna Kurnikova type: you love them all!

But most of all, you’re drawn to women with natural beauty, feminine, and real; the ones who in our role-blurring age, aren’t afraid of showing the best of their enticing Women world.

Poems have been versed; songs shouted out, Hollywood movies succeeded and failed: but women’s land is still uncovered and alive….

I’m Victoria, and welcome to my website!

My resume won’t be two pages long, but is nonetheless extensive: I come from the corporate world, and could be your next Marissa Mayers (with a proper push), a trophy wife (still working on it) or Olympics winner (well, maybe in the next Olympic life).

The next chapter of my life, a Modern Woman, I've devoted to the seemingly simply but self-fulfilling purpose:

To Please a Man

Pleasure is subjective, so I'll leave it in your hands to decide what that means for you. However, I am very well-versed and enjoy the process of fulfilling the desires of those I choose to spend time with. I like to discover what makes you tick. I want to know your fantasies and help you bring them into life. I’m creative and passionate, romantic and sensual, submissive and dominant. As a true woman, I’m versatile; all with the goal to stimulate your senses and bring you pleasure.

I’m a little bit selfish: your pleasure brings me mine. I’m like that fine-chocolate lover: once they open the box, they’ll be savoring every bite, and won’t stop…

Here is to chocolate, lovers, and pleasures, my Friend in Pleasure.

At a Glance...

  • 28 Years Old 
    Youthful appearance, but mature enough if necessary (or not).
  • Blond/Blue eyes: 
    Though I sometimes feel like a brunette and have an easy fix.
  • 5.6ft and 125 lb.
    Narrow frame with an athletic build due to the sports past. High energy level comes as a bonus.
  • French/Russian Ethnicity
    Conversational French, fluent Russian. Tried wine way too early and am now a very light drinker.
  • Master’s degree:
    Just throwing that in there, doesn’t hurt. Or maybe you like ‘em smart.
  • Looks:
    Elegant & classy. Would design a Little Black Dress but Coco Chanel did it first. Very natural looking, and am one of those lucky women who doesn’t need an emergency make-up kit in the morning.

If you've enjoyed my brief intro, move on to the visual stimuli or peruse engagement options. I look forward to making your acquaintance!

Victoria is a modern woman with an old fashioned soul, of models looks and a confidence of a city girl, yet an appealing degree of youthful vulnerably.Being with her is easy and effortless, which I’m sure is a lot of effort on her side. Her energy is magnetizing, and her intensity is bracing and relaxing at the same time.” The Erotic Review

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